Tips To Improve Your Linkbuilding

In the world of search engine optimisation (SEO) there are many ways that SEO’s create links and carry out their daily link building. Everyone is familiar with article writing, press releases and link bait techniques, which are commonly used to help generate and create a diverse back link profile for clients. But there must be caution and ensure that for anyone thinking of beginning this process that it is carried out correctly and there are no short cuts taken to help save time.

If you are looking into link building or would like top help discover new methods and techniques to ensure that every step of the link building process is effective then view the following guides:

Anchor Text

Choosing the correct anchor text that is linking to your site is important. This is best utilised when writing blog posts, submitting articles including any press releases. By ensuring that a relevant keywords have been chosen that reflect the keyword strategy and also the ranking within the search engine result pages (SERPs) can help reinforce your web pages relevancy for those keywords chosen.

This must also be used within the title of any articles or news storys. Because if there is an option to link to your page or share via social networks then the header not only must grab the attention of users online but makes the most out of relevant keywords.


By obtaining endorsements and recommendations from well known industry experts and websites, can eliminate any doubt or caution for possible clients. By collecting like minded people and maximizing exposure and creating a company brand that becomes highly regarded within a specific field/industry can help create recognition and obtain links from ‘authoritative’ websites linking back to you.

This can also include participating in guest posts or blogs within well known websites that can include links linking to your own website. This is considered a difficult task but having a reputation within an industry can be important and open the doors for such link building. But through networking and being social, you never know who you can come across and build relationships with.

Link Farms

On the trail of creating and gaining links it is vital to remember that quantity is not everything. Unfortunately, all search engines are too clever and use many other references to judge the importance and relevancy to searches. As such the important thing to keep in mind about building back links is to build links that are considered authoritative and relevant. If any link farms or websites that break the webmaster guidelines are used then your website may get penalized.

It is highly advisable for any beginner looking into the benefits of using search engine optimisation to help improve their websites ranking within the SERPs to view the webmaster guidelines that each search engine publishes. As any black hat techniques being used will be picked up and can result in many different punishments being handed out.

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